A Bountiful Summer Solstice

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Summer Sun on the farm

Sunday, June 21, ushers in the summer solstice for us here in the Northern hemisphere and the winter solstice for our Southern hemisphere readers with the Sun’s move into the nurturing sign of Cancer.

Sunday is the day to light the bonfire, whether you’re toasting marshmallows or burning garden debris. As the flames flicker upwards, send your prayers and libations after them. Themes of abundance and fertility are rooted in this ancient ritual. (And if you’re unable to light a bonfire, a candle will do!)

Our Solstice Bonfire 2015Venus, Jupiter and the Moon, June 21, 2015, Nyack NY

With the Sun in such a prominent position, June 22 and 23 are excellent days to launch your new initiative, especially if you wish it to be noticed. Bountiful Jupiter and Venus suggest further luck with your personal expansion as they’re travelling together through the sky right now. Look to the west after sunset and you’ll spot them dancing with the crescent Moon.

Mark your calendars for the Full Moon in Capricorn this month on July 1 (tune in to structuring your plans) and the New Moon on July 15 (set fresh intentions on how to take better care of yourself).

Much can be accomplished now as we are in an initiating cycle where actions speak louder than words. Find your courage, decide your path, and move forward with boldness.

May the Sun Shine upon you,

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