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There’s an extraordinary feeling in the air as we head toward the Summer/Winter Solstice (depending on your hemisphere) on Saturday, June 21. Whether you are set to experience the longest or the shortest day of the solar year, mark it symbolically in a way that is meaningful to you. I sense a change of attitude might be newly unfurling within you and the earth seems to echo it as it pauses and shifts gear. When last did you sit down and write a poem? No-one is watching so feel at ease.

For those of you born in 1955 and 1984 you continue the process of accepting responsibility for the direction your life is now taking. Your path will begin to feel more solid as you move forward one step at a time. Take note of binding dynamics which bring things or people together for healing. For all of us, healing is a major theme at this time as we become ever more aware of our natural tendencies to break or separate, perhaps with a single word. Just seeing what needs to be healed is an achievement; keep your spotlight focused here.

So many of you are going through challenging times on the work front or at home – major change has just happened or is pending – and you wish you knew how it will all pan out eventually. In particular, those of you born between January 20 and 23 feel caught between the old and the new, the known and the unfamiliar. By the end of the year this feeling will have resolved itself as the inner adjustments will have been made; the key for now is to acknowledge the abundance that is yours.

The New Moon on Friday, June 27, calls for inspirational nurturing. Homemade crab cakes are in order, as is stocking up the kitchen in preparation for visiting friends and family.

May the Sun Shine Upon You,

Piermont on the Hudson in June, 2014 by Catherine Goshen

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