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Some people we know seem to possess a secret, magical presence that emanates from them even while paying for their groceries. What is it, this warm and palpable energy shining out from their eyes, touching you in passing like rays from the Sun?

My feeling is that it is the energy of Life, something which we only have access to if we are not living like automated shadows of ourselves from dawn to dusk. Most days feel ordinary, as if we are walking the well-worn path of expectations set out neatly in the tidy gardens of our minds so very long ago. Remember the dream you had last week about your childhood…

To become more alive, perhaps we must sacrifice the very idea of who we think we are and why we are here. Perhaps there is a daily mystery in chopping wood, carrying water, and going to the grocery store. It’s certainly not just words on a page. It is our present tense. Perhaps we might even reinvent our past in order to change our future. We might dig up the garden a little, or plant some basil and thyme, knowing that they will enliven our cooking when they flourish next season.

For those of you born in 1948 and 1949, as well as those born in 1989 and 1990, you’ve been experiencing a challenging time of late – physical ailments or operations, possibly a period of hard, hard work – please hang in there! By November the pressure will ease up considerably. For now, continue to use the potent energies which abound to steer your life forward.

And for those of you born in 1973 and 1974, this year and the next is your time for spiritual fulfillment and creative visualization. Be unafraid to explore the realms that have been calling to you – while remembering to pay the bills of course!

The next few weeks will see special recognition and abundance for those of you born between July 22 and 25 in any year – it’s a wonderful time to ask for a raise or apply for a higher level position at work.

The New Moon this month is on July 26 in regal Leo and is our time to plan anew. This Moon will be particularly powerful for those of you with a planet at 3 degrees of Leo or for those of you born on July 23 or 24. Note that some of you fall into both of the above special categories and could plan ahead to utilize these positive energies to the full!

May the Sun Shine Upon You,

Sunlight through trees

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