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Solar Once-over: Astrology Update for May

Sun shining in Taurus strength through the blossoms. Copyright Catherine Goshen 2017

With the pace of life quickening exponentially, let’s check in this month with your Sun sign!


Aries, you’re feeling the push for ever-increasing independence and risk-taking at work. Yet home and family slow you down which may act as a blessing in disguise. Keep moving forward but ground each step in thorough research before taking action. Cancer, this is the month to reach out to friends and talk about your relationship. There are challenges here which won’t go away unless you address them. You’ll be amazed at the support you receive. Libra, you’re frustrated by power struggles at home. Try a fresh approach. The trick this month is to keep moving forward with hard work because it’ll pay off very soon. Capricorn, you have from now until the end of August to make the changes sorely needed in your life. Go for it! This heavy cycle will pass soon.


Taurus, Happy Birthday! You’ve had so many creative ideas brewing since January and they’re all starting to manifest now. Your most fruitful time will be in June but keep sowing these seeds and envisioning how you want your work to grow this year. Leo, your energy is taken up with your work this month – and, hopefully, some travel is on the cards too! With all the strategizing that’s been going on, you need more than ever to make time to relax. Scorpio, it might feel as if your partner is on a different wavelength to you right now. They are! So turn your attention to adjusting the areas of your life which could do with a little makeover. You won’t be disappointed in the outcome, especially if you focus on improving communications. Aquarius, finances feel a little blurry right now. Spend time this month clarifying monies going in and out. Your reward? A clearer budget and time in the second half of May to focus on creative pursuits. Yes!


Gemini, your energy is returning this month as you pursue your goals with greater focus after May 7. If something is bothering you at work it’s not the time to act. Rather, stay in touch with what matters most to you as you plan your mid-year break. Virgo, finances look good as do work opportunities – be open to what comes your way. Things will begin to move forward for you in the later part of the month. Sagittarius, you’ve been feeling overstretched and under-appreciated for a while now. The end is in site because you’ve already learnt the lesson. So allow this month flow – everything is set in place – all you need to do is show up. Pisces, it seems as if transformative events are happening in your close friendships. There are new opportunities to connect both for work and for pleasure this month as long as you can overcome your reluctance to put yourself out there.

May the Sun shine upon you,

Telescope for star-gazing - summer sky is coming soon! Copyright Catherine Goshen 2017

May 10: Full Moon at 20 degrees of Scorpio

May 3: Mercury stations direct at 24 degrees of Aries

May 17: Mercury moves into Taurus

May 21: Sun moves into Gemini

May 25: New Moon at 4 degrees of Gemini

New Moon in Gemini


Welcome to Astrology Update!

So many of us have been facing our fears in the last few weeks: fear of the unknown, of stepping into an uncertain future; fear of expansion and of increasing financial responsibilities; fear for our health or for the health of those we love; fear of putting ourselves out there and courting success; or fear of being ourselves and getting away with it. So often, we register this uneasy feeling in our bodies: our gut feels tight, our head aches, or our sleep is far from dreamless.

One thing is certain: when we move slowly and surely forward, facing our own particular fear, there occurs a loosening, a letting go, and a surrender to that which is beyond our control. Like falcons soaring on the thermals, we gain perspective on what is moving on the ground, what really needs our attention, and where we should be directing our energies. This feeling can be utterly liberating.

The New Moon on Wednesday, May 28, calls us to be mindful of how we communicate with others – and with ourselves. Do we find ourselves saying the same old things all the time because that’s what people have come to expect from us? Do we hear ourselves thinking the same routine thoughts about how our lives could be, if only this or that were different? Let’s use the current planetary aspects of opportunity and growth that abound to think brave new thoughts about who we are and which areas of our lives have real meaning. Let’s tell someone something quietly outrageous to open up a new level of conversation: “Did you know, dear friend, my secret dream has always been one day to…”

May the Sun Shine Upon You,

PS: For those of you working on legal contracts, leases, and deals, please try to sign on the dotted line before June 6 or after July 2.

Gaining Perspective