Book Review: You Don’t Really Believe in Astrology, Do You?

‘You Don’t Really Believe in Astrology, Do You?’ By Pam Gregory This book is a gem of a find – whether you “believe” in Astrology or not! While a great gift for the skeptic in your life, Pam Gregory’s book is also a refreshing text for anyone interested in the study of consciousness, time and […]

Book Review: The Whirling Winds

The Whirling Winds: Suffering and Transcendence in the Movement of Energy by Suzan Donleavy Ph.D. Suzan Donleavy’s new book, based on 30 years of research with participants, helps to explain the often disorientating attraction or aversion we feel toward some people when they try to get close to us. “Can there be anything more painful than […]