New Moon in Scorpio

The Sun enters the sign of Scorpio on Thursday, October 23, and the Moon begins a new cycle, allowing us to release anything burdensome we might have been carrying for the last few weeks. Set your goals clearly for the month ahead and use this seeding energy to refresh your own optimism. When you exude positivity, you’ve already cleared the path for something good to happen.

This New Moon is also a partial solar eclipse and Venus is changing signs once again. Those of you born October 21 to 24 may be directly affected, and feel your lives moving forward this week, helped along by the planet of communication turning direct on Saturday. We all need to stay focused during this time and not give way to small worries that come and go like the wind.

If correspondence overwhelms at the moment, allow yourself a conscious break. Communications will flow easier next week. And if social relations feel wobbly right now, know that you’re not being snubbed – or eclipsed – most likely it’s simply your own perception.

You might take a moment tonight to view the Moon and picture your place within the cosmos.

May the Sun shine upon you,

Creek by Catherine Goshen

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