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The solar eclipse at New Moon yesterday felt intensely charged from my part of the world, Piermont in New York State. How did you experience it – write to me, I’d love to hear!

The rain has been sudden, intense and unremitting here, as if a huge stopper was uncorked from the cloudy heavens. A local I met yesterday morning shared a story with me about a financial decision which has been haunting him for months, and which finally had some light shed upon it – a fragile new idea was born in the middle of the night. His horoscope showed the eclipse degree (8 Taurus) in exact contact with one of his planets.

This brings to me an age-old question, and one that has come up during a consultation recently. To what extent does our birth chart cement our fate? Did everyone with a planet at the eclipse degree yesterday experience some kind of energy shift? The answer is, of course, no. Our fate is not sealed by our horoscope; rather, our highest possibilities and deepest challenges are illuminated for us. How we choose to live them and to face them, and at what level, is up to us. Each moment, each thought, each decision creates our future. If we live simply as reactors to life, it will pass us by. (Our flight is called but we’re asleep in the airport lounge!)

Enjoy the regenerative energy that abounds this month! Nurture yourself and your loved ones.

May the Sun Shine Upon You,


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