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The day before the Full Moon, which takes place on Sunday 16th in the sign of Virgo, can feel a little like steam in a pressure cooker waiting for release. For all of us, there is the reminder to stay mindful during Saturday and Sunday. This involves pausing before you react emotionally to what someone says and thinking twice before you complain or criticize.

Use Sunday to set things in order. How about spring-cleaning your closets and emptying your Inbox? Remember all those emails you wanted to read when you had the time? In particular, those of you born May 21st to June 21st should gain increased energy over the weekend if you’ve been feeling somewhat drained since February 18th.

If you’re in business, this month and the next is not the time for hiring new staff and expanding your fleet of shiny new cars. Now is the time to strategize, to formulate the big plan, to anchor your ambition. Lay low and plan, plan, plan. While there might be ample opportunities beckoning to you, be cautious before you take on more than you bargained for as there’s a palpable energy of “yes-no” in the air. Pause. Accept delays with grace. Aggression will not serve you well now so don’t begin that lawsuit or challenge somebody unnecessarily.

For those born February 22nd to 25th, May 23rd to 26th, August 25th to 28th, and November 24th to 27th, or who have a sensitive point in your horoscope at 3 to 5 degrees of Pisces, this month and the next, as well as the last three months of the year, will be experienced as a particularly sensitive time. For some, creativity will emerge and flourish, while for others, spirituality will enrich and inspire. It’s a great time to sign up for that painting course. Yet some of you might experience bewilderment, leading to ego loss and confusion. Alcohol or drugs could enter the picture to your detriment. Try to develop increased empathy toward yourself by allowing time in your daily routine for beauty to enter – instead of trying to blot out reality. Listen to your favorite piece of music! Know that by February next year you’ll be able to objectify better what you’ve been through.

If something I write rings true for you, but your dates have not been mentioned, this is probably because the all-important Angles of your horoscope or a planet other than your Sun is being affected by the current symbolic movement of the planets. A deep question might arise in you… a wish to know exactly which areas of your life are being affected this year and where to wisely place your energies. A skilled astrologer, using your date, time and place of birth, can assist you.

May the Sun shine upon you,

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