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Astrology Update for September 2019

Photo by Roksolana Zasiadko

The Sun has moved into earthy Virgo under the dominion of Mercury. Among other things, Mercury in Virgo stands for our ability to discriminate and organize, to take what is needed and discard the rest.
Enjoy reading your Sun, Moon and Rising signs for the solar month!

Your Sun, Moon and Rising Signs

For the time period beginning August 23, 2019 until September 23, 2019

Virgo, happy birthday to you!! Your solar month is brimming with positive energies, getting you off to a great start for the year. Your New Moon is on August 30 so write up your 2019-20 bucket list on this day – not only what you wish to achieve but also how you plan to go about it. Once you’ve written your list, cosmic energies rally to your aid. All the personal planets align in your sign during the first part of September to assist you in getting ahead, organizing your life and living your dream. Self-worth is high. My only advice is not to put anything worthy off until October.

Libra, money is coming to you after a long dry spell yet it’s not without strings attached. It feels as if the whole universe is conspiring to get you to be more organized, more efficient, and more committed…something you’ve been known to resist. How you deal with this demand depends largely on your state of mind. You may choose to buckle down and accept the discipline that detailed work requires – it’s really up to you. After September 14, you feel a shift of gears: there’s still pressure to perform but the mental strain lessens. Aim for your highest inner goals now, there’s no time to waste.

Scorpio, you made it through Leo season, and actually managed to let your hair down just a little – well done! The new solar month offers an easy flow of energy for you. This means one of two things: a) you end up doing very little because everything is cruising, or b) you make an effort to reach out to friends and siblings and find that this goes a long way. You begin to make new acquaintances and air old concerns. School and/or studying may also be important now. Your drive for independence is an increasing theme running in the background… how are you managing this?

Sagittarius, you’re more comfortable at home now than you can ever recall… yes, it is possible for you to enjoy your home and family while still retaining your independent spirit. Something positive is happening with one or both of your parents, which in turn affects you, and ushers in an optimistic feeling. Hold on to it! You have until the end of November to cruise a little and then it’s back to work for real for you. Deep down inside, you’re ready for a new challenge.

Capricorn, children and fun times are in the spotlight for you this solar month. Are children returning to the nest? Are you finally able to take a holiday with your kids? Whatever your circumstances, allow yourself some conscious relaxation time now and appreciate the events that have possibly delayed you since May this year. You’re now seeing the bigger picture. Don’t worry if things feel really slow at work this month, they’ll pick up again in the next cycle.

Aquarius, if you’re due for a teeth cleaning, dental work, or a routine bone scan, this is the opportune solar cycle to get it done. It’s also a great solar month to reorganize your daily schedule so that it’s more stream-lined and easier on you. Grocery deliveries courtesy of Amazon Prime/Wholefoods? You have a tremendous amount of practical energy and creative flow activating your life right now. Jot down your dreams upon wakening and carry a journal with you when you leave the house. Every idea has the potential to grow from seed to sapling now.

Pisces, relationships come into the spotlight this solar month. You yearn for a permanent partner or, if you’re married, for your partner to fulfill your deepest emotional needs. The truth is that you idealize your partner/your prospective partner and s/he has their own issues. Right now you may not be seeing what’s going on in your relationship clearly. Some good news concerning your home and/or career is what you really need to be focusing on right now.

Aries, you’re among friends this solar cycle yet you’re simultaneously focusing on your own development and self-actualization. What will it truly mean to be yourself and live out your potential? Inheritance or other people’s money makes its way to you by hook or by crook; it’s a great month to discuss joint finances and pool your resources.

Taurus, it’s a good solar month for long-distance travel and for broadening your mind with spiritual food for thought. Why not treat yourself to a book of the Persian sage Rumi’s poems? From August 23 to September 15 there’s a practical self-sufficiency about your actions that surprises even you – much can be accomplished so don’t hesitate to begin a new project. From September 15 onward you’re ready to switch modes and return to your more usual, placid self. But not for long!

Gemini, your career is in the spotlight this solar month. From August 23 there’s a definite shift at work which appears to be happening behind closed doors. The New Moon on August 30 is a good opportunity for you to network – again, behind the scenes, if this makes sense to you. Things seem to fall into place naturally as September begins. I encourage you to move forward now with any career moves until October 15: initiate, communicate and negotiate. By October’s end the tide is flowing in again for you – so ride the outward wave now!

Cancer, money and accolades from work are on your mind and you’re willing to stick your neck out to gain both. Just beware that you’re not seduced by the material world to the extent that you lose your head. Tune into your own inner wisdom, relying on friends and support groups for advice. Whatever you do during this solar cycle, it’s going to be noticed, so pay attention to your actions.

Leo, the expansion of your heart energy during the last solar cycle (July 23 – August 23) was almost too much to bear and you find yourself at an important junction now. What do you wish to keep in your life moving forward? What do you need to discard for once and for all because it’s perpetuating a destructive pattern? It’s hard to admit to self-undoing but right now there’s really no-one else to blame except you. By September 24, you’ve worked it through – may the Force be with you.

‘Girls talk to each other like men talk to each other. But girls have an eye for detail.’ —Amy Winehouse, Virgo

Amy Winehouse, Virgo

Astrology Update for August 2019

Celebrate the Sun in Leo! Pic by Steve Halama

The Sun has moved into fiery Leo under dominion of the Sun. The Sun represents our core identity and our will, and rules the heart. Enjoy reading your Sun, Moon and Rising signs for August!

Your Sun, Moon and Rising Signs

For the time period beginning July 23, 2019 until August 23, 2019

Leo, happy birthday to you, dear friends! Your physical energy is heightened this month and you make good use of it! You find yourself in several unusual situations, and facing sudden changes of pace at work. Called to take decisive action wherever you find yourself, there really is no set pattern to your days. Stop trying to adjust to your new life because it’s not settling down any time soon. Getting enough sleep is important right now.

Virgo, you’re enjoying being out of your usual routine and a little hidden away from it all. Don’t try to push forward with any new plans or major decisions in August. Relax – September will be busy enough! It’s also your month for a financial review. Is there a deficit in the budget due to something you didn’t plan for or no-one saw coming? Not to worry too much, you’ll find a way to balance the books and will learn something important in the process!

Libra, creativity and hobbies continue to bring you much pleasure this month as you focus on learning, teaching, or both. There’s also a short trip on the cards involving pleasure. Money is a nagging theme that won’t go away – but there’s no immediate solution in sight. After August 22nd, there’s a shift towards life’s more practical things.

Scorpio, you’re overcoming some major challenges at the moment as you push yourself to achieve your goals. Your physical body is taking some strain but you compensate for it with your steadfast focus and steely determination. Keep close to home and family this month, taking a moment each day to be grateful for where you’ve come from and what you’ve received.

Sagittarius, good fortune continues to smile on you! While things slow down a little financially you may nevertheless be given opportunities to make money, especially between August 7 and 23 – take them! If you have children, they welcome your attention, and you find yourself enjoying the time spent with them. Things put on the back burner in April come to the fore again in the second part of the month. Perhaps it’s your search for a deeper way of being.

Capricorn, make that checkup early on this month and attend to whatever’s been niggling at you for a while. It’s also a wonderful time to start exercising or to get back into your routine. Things have a way of escalating if you leave them too long so don’t neglect your health at the expense of your responsibilities to others. On the positive side, you’re really making progress with your long-term goals – keep at it, you’re amazing!

Aquarius, it’s your time to waltz with your partner… even though they tread on your toes! August sees you spending more time than usual with your significant other – be that personal or business – and trying to figure out the complexity of getting along while coping with the daily grind. And if you’re single, you may find this a good month to celebrate your status. All that glitters is not gold. Be open to receive insight into your true motivations around the Full Moon on August 15.

Pisces, obfuscation of some sort is being used by your partner to hide the truth of his or her financial dealings – take note. Once duly noted, you are entitled to have some fun this month. If you choose to turn a blind eye to whatever’s going on, the Full Moon on August 15 will bring it once again to your attention. You’re learning to discriminate what’s true from what’s not. Trust your gut; it never lies.

Aries, higher learning and educational enrichment are high on the cards this month as you find yourself drawn once again to study and travel. Your body feels healthy and energized and there’s much you can accomplish right now. Work on healing your past wounds through helping others to do the same – it’s what you’re here for, after all.

Taurus, your career is in the spotlight this month. It feels as if things you thought were immutable are suddenly up in the air. There is some self-sabotaging behavior that you have to acknowledge now in order to move forward. Idealistic dreaming about a Manhattan penthouse or a Malibu beach pad will not pay the rent. You want the finer things in life but more importantly you want security. What are you prepared to change in your behavior in order to receive it?

Gemini, while you feel like hiding under the covers with a good book or two, this is your month to move forward toward making your hopes a reality. Run things by your friends and listen carefully to their advice. Remember, qui n’avance pas, recule (‘If you don’t move forward, you’ll recede’). On August 23 at the 3rd quarter Moon, be ready for action.

Cancer, you may be feeling a little confined as July draws to a close, or else you’re on a voluntary withdrawal from the usual hustle and bustle of life. Whether in the attic or practicing vipassana, make a conscious effort to open yourself to the pleasures that life has to offer. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and it only takes a moment to be there and take it in. Love is nearer than you think.

I always thought I should be treated like a star.” –Madonna, Leo

Follow the Sun, Leo! Pic by Vanveen.