Aries 2020 Letter from Catherine

Dear Friends, The Sun moves into Aries on Thursday, March 19, at 11:49 pm EDT, heralding the start of the new solar year. And what an interesting start to the year! We find ourselves in a world where the extraneous and familiar have been stripped away and every day feels, literally, like a new world.Continue reading “Aries 2020 Letter from Catherine”

Pisces 2020 Letter from Catherine

Dear Friends, How have you been faring with getting rid of extraneous things in your life? At home we’ve ripped out an old carpet, the last vestige of the previous owner; it was a dreadful cinnamon-colored affair in the basement. The sense of a new era is liberating! Navigating one’s way through the current strongContinue reading “Pisces 2020 Letter from Catherine”

Aquarius 2020 Letter from Catherine

Dear Friends, The Sun has moved into the fixed air sign of Aquarius on January 20, bringing with it a shift in the atmosphere. There’s the promise of movement again after a somewhat heavy, static period. If you’ve been experiencing a situation which has felt as if it’s in limbo since December, things will openContinue reading “Aquarius 2020 Letter from Catherine”

Festive Season 2019: Letter from Catherine

Jupiter and Saturn, Feast and Famine Dear Friends, What is your own level of comfort when it comes to giving and receiving, to feasting and famine? Traditionally we gauge this comfort level in astrology by looking at the strength of Jupiter versus the strength of Saturn in a chart. Those with a strong Jupiter inContinue reading “Festive Season 2019: Letter from Catherine”

Fall Back: Time is Relative

Here on the East Coast of the United States we “fall back” today, adjusting our clocks an hour early. This always brings to my mind the relativity of time and space, the tools of the astrologer, and even more so because one of my children was born in the early hours of the morning onContinue reading “Fall Back: Time is Relative”

November 2019 Letter from Catherine

Dear Friends, Welcome to Astrology Update for November 2019! How are you faring as the seasons shift? Can you feel the pace of life accelerating as we prepare for 2020 with its Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in the air sign of Aquarius? Friends, we have not had a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Aquarius since the year 1405! ThisContinue reading “November 2019 Letter from Catherine”

October Letter from Catherine

Dear Friends, Welcome! How was your Virgo season? Mine was packed full of work and reorganization, and I’m dancing ahead with many new ventures. I’m proud to announce the completion of my third certification as a Certified Professional Astrologer (CAP), this time by the International Society of Astrological Research. I sat their six-hour exam thisContinue reading “October Letter from Catherine”