Astro-planner for October 2019


September 23: The Sun moves into Libra at 3:50 am heralding the autumnal equinox in the northern hemisphere and the spring equinox in the south. Day and night / active and passive / light and dark / male and female are balanced on this day. Take time to reflect on, and honor, how far you’ve come on your journey towards your own inner balance. We are here to live and express all the energies in our charts and through our own experience of them find our truth. Letting go of self-judgement and watching one’s journey unfold at its own pace is what is needed now

September 28: New Moon at 5 degrees of Libra (2:26 pm) with Venus and Mercury in Libra too. Squares from Saturn and Pluto make this an extremely powerful day. Set your intentions and then tackle your to-do list one item at a time, surmounting any obstacles in your way with grace. Stay focused and productive

October 1-5: Pluto station (read more about this below)

October 4: Mars leaves Virgo for Libra and opposes Chiron. Watch out as your energy adjusts over the next day or two. Suppressed anger may finally find release in a safe environment

October 5: Mercury leaves Libra for Scorpio. There’s about another ten days or so from now before Mercury starts to loose speed in preparation before turning retrograde on October 31. Push forward with the completion of your plans now. Tie up contracts and finalize big company decisions

October 13: Full Moon at 20 degrees of Aries (5:07 pm). The Aries full moon is usually an energetic time, so plan an activity that requires a bit of courage or the pioneering spirit. With a trine from Jupiter, it might be too easy to laze around the house! Once up and running, you’ll be so glad you did. Pluto contacts the Moon and Sun at this time so keep calm and don’t sweat the small stuff. Intentional inner work with a therapist or coach, especially with repressed emotions, is favored at this time

October 8: Venus enters Scorpio (1:05 pm) after her diplomatic sojourn through Libra. Let me know if you observe an increase in the intensity of your feelings over the next few days as Venus connects ever-closer with “amp up the volume” Uranus. Their opposition will be exact on October 12

With Mercury and Venus now both in Scorpio, the time for diplomatic conversation is over. We are given the opportunity to have deep and honest conversations with those we love. Coupled with Pluto’s station (October 1-5), and Mars’s ingress into Libra, this can be an incredibly rich time for those who have been working on anger and/or control issues. Over the next few weeks, look out for crystal clear examples of exactly what you can control in your life and what you cannot. If you know the house where Pluto in Capricorn is stationing (at 20 degrees of Capricorn) this can offer a cosmic clue

October 23: Sun moves into Scorpio

October 27: New Moon at 4 degrees of Scorpio, and we begin another cycle, friends

All dates and times according to the Eastern Daylight Time calendar

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