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As 2014 gets fully under way, we continue to experience the sudden shifts of scene and dramatic changes which made our personal worlds at times seem unfamiliar in 2013. Some of us experienced a thorough shake-up in our lives, while others were forced to draw on inner resources we didn’t know existed in order to keep up with the pace of events. Still others of us felt as if technology was making us lose, or perhaps gain, perspective on things…

Well, it isn’t over yet, so hang on tight! This year sees the major impact for change and growth for those born March 29th to April 3rd, June 30th to July 4th, October the 2nd to 6th and December 30st to January 3rd. You’ll be feeling the ongoing push for personal empowerment and the need to let go of outdated beliefs which no longer serve you. Depending on your time of birth, these dynamic shifts will be taking place in one or two areas of your life, such as your health, career, relationships, mind-set, home, and so on – with far-reaching effects.

At the same time, opportunity and optimism will be in abundance during both March and April, in particular for those born June 30th to July 4th – a much needed break after your challenging times last year!

The New Moon on March 1st is an ideal time for all of us to set our goals and dreams for the month by taking a quiet moment. Hide your cellphone in a drawer and find a cozy spot away from distractions. Visualize how things will go – well – for you in the next few weeks (for example, meeting that deadline or managing your emotions calmly). After a few minutes, surrender your intentions and go about your day – mindfully.

This first weekend in March is a potent weekend energetically, in particular for those born February 10th to 13th, May 10th to 13th, August 11th to 14th, and November 13th to 16th. You’ve been feeling the pressure since January to take life seriously; February called for increased maturation – how have you been handling your responsibilities lately? If you’re doing your best, from now until May, and again in October-November this year, you’ll find yourself confirmed in who you are. If you’ve been afraid of discipline, and been shirking your duties, it is now payback time. This year will offer you the structure with which to get your life back on track – if you accept it.

And for those of you born in 1985, this is the year when you begin to take life seriously, assimilating the lessons of the past and focusing your ambition at last. Go for it!

May the Sun shine upon you,

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