October's Astrology Harvest

October 1 - 14: New Colors

October begins on the jet stream of the energizing Full Moon in Aries (September 29, 05h57, New York)!

The forward-moving energy released at the Full Moon, coupled with three personal planets switching signs during the first half of the month, is calling on us to communicate clearly and initiate positive change in our daily routine.  Are you receiving too much information, which also seems to be confusing? Now is the time to regulate the flow.

October 1 sees Mercury, the planet of speech, writing and movement, finally exit its shadow phase. This symbolizes a much-needed movement toward efficient communication. However, with Neptune in the picture we must double-check every message twice, and make sure that our idealized vision is not blinding the efficacy of our speech.

We are called upon to exercise sound judgement and clear intelligence when responding to emails, text messages and phone calls, and when partaking in all kinds of conversations and social media interactions.

Our outer life cannot function if we never have a moment to ourselves. Our inner life cannot breathe if we fill it with other people’s images and words from breakfast until bedtime. We may wish to make time to journal our dreams and to allow quiet time every day for our own subconscious to speak to us.

On October 6, Mercury enters into Libra, the sign of balance, where it will remain until the 23rd of the month. We may finally be able to sit down and have a meaningful conversation at our leisure with someone we love.

The first half of October also asks us to move towards inner and outer healing, both in ourselves and in relationships.

Let’s practice equilibrium this month, whenever possible, both at home and at work.

We are approaching the New Moon on October 14, which is also a solar eclipseThe Sun, Moon, Mercury and the South Node are all in the sign of Libra (‘thou’) and the North Node in Aries (‘I’). Where do ‘I’ and ‘thou’ meet, and where is the balancing point between them?

Two days before the eclipse, Mars enters into the realm of Scorpio, where it gains enormous potential to heal. The choice is ours as to what kind of action Mars will work through us.

This is the perfect time for harvesting healing herbs, gardening, cooking creatively with seasonal vegetables, clearing out your medicine cabinet, making homemade salves, soaps or remedies, burning dead wood in the yard, giving and receiving bodywork or counseling, and practicing our listening skills when in conversation.

It is also a good time to let go and laugh at any over-the-top seriousness you may witness in yourself!

October is an opportune time to value the intimate conversations that we share with family members or beloved friends.

Venus will finally depart party-loving Leo on October 10 (where she’s been since early June) for the ordered realm of Virgo. We’ll sense the shift away from the need to gather in groups and clans.

We may wish to honor Venus by cutting back a little on our social activity (until November 9) while we focus on the most important relationships in our lives.

Venus in Virgo reminds us that love needs to be demonstrated through practical action (Virgo is an earth sign).

One-on-one intimate talks are also favored now, with Venus and Mercury in mutual reception. How do you really feel about what’s going on, and can you express it calmly and clearly?

October 15 - 31: New Textures

Allow the second part of October to unfold while you stand in the centre of your chart.

The solar eclipse of October 14th needs at least a week for its energies to unwind in the short term. In the long term, its vibrational pattern will be in effect until the next solar eclipse on April 8, 2024.

Mark your calendars for a MOOD SHIFT between October 22 and 23, when first Mercury, and then the Sun, move into the sign of Scorpio. The texture of life shifts towards the increasingly receptive, with water and earth elements dominating the zodiac.

What messages are we able to receive now? Can we listen to our intuition, which connects us all to a Greater Texture of Life, and shows us a way to experience joy?

As we build towards the Full Moon on October 28, a partial lunar eclipse in Taurus (16h23, New York, see chart below), this becomes increasingly relevant. The eclipse is an opportune time to receive guidance regarding the next material step in our lives (Taurus) – is this step in line with our emotional needs (Scorpio)? Allow things to flow as you follow your instincts!

Wishing you a bountiful harvest this October!

May the Sun shine upon you,