September's Moons 2023

September 14, 2023: New Moon in Virgo

The energies which arrive with the New Moon in Virgo on the night of September 14 (21h49, New York) are calling on us over the next two weeks to: 

  • Make space in our day for curling up in our favorite spot with a warm drink to assimilate what’s going on in our busy lives. At Virgo’s core is the principle of digestion, not only of food but of impressions. With thought-and-communication planet Mercury also emphasized, be mindful of thinking healthy thoughts and taking in healthy content.
  • The EARTH element is now strongly emphasized in the zodiac. Healthy thoughts need to translate into healthy actions. You may wish to increase the amount of fresh fruit and vegetables you use in your daily meals, and prepare your food with care and attention to detail. Connect with nature and ground your feet as you walk through your day.
  • The MUTABLE modality is now in focus. This is not the time to initiate brand new ventures. This is the time to be gentle with yourself as you transition into a new season. Allow yourself to flow as plans are bound to change over the next few days! Cultivate tolerance and let kindness be at the forefront of your reactions – who among us has never been forgetful and who among us has never been late? Mercury is a trickster indeed!!

September 23, 2023: Autumnal Equinox

Mark your calendars now for September 23 (beginning at 02h49 New York time; adjust for your time zone): this is a sacred day when the earth aligns with the Sun to draw attention to the need for balance, symbolized by the equal length of day and night.

As much as one feels the solar principle wishing to express itself outwards on this day, save some energy for internal alignment.

Fast or feast! All mindful practices and joyous celebrations are appropriate, as long as the Sun is at your centre.

September 29, 2023: Full Moon in Aries

Now is the time to move forward. The Sun has entered into the cardinal realm of Libra, ready to initiate action. The earth grand trine remains.

Stay grounded as you focus on relating and relationships. The Nodes are with Mars, facilitating the healing of past karmic relationships and mental (air) health concerns.

We are asked to let go and to try something new (Venus square Uranus). We are asked to imagine a new way of talking and listening, a fresh balance between the ‘I’ of Aries and the ‘thou’ of Libra. Trust and let go —

May the Sun shine upon you,