Astrology Update for July 2019

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The Sun has moved into watery Cancer under dominion of the Moon. The Moon rules our moods, habits and instincts. Enjoy reading your Sun, Moon and Rising signs for July!

Your Sun, Moon and Rising Signs

For the time period beginning June 22, 2019 until July 23, 2019

Cancer, happy, happy birthday – the Sun is shining on you as I write! And there’s a jam-packed month ahead so don’t think about running for the hills just yet. You’re focused on taking the next step forward in your life even though emotionally you’re not quite sure if you’re ready. It looks like there’s very little choice really – you know you need to head out beyond your safely net, aka “home”. July 2 is your New Moon, so make your move!

Leo, it’s time to put your money where your mouth is. Finances and possessions come to the forefront this month as you try to figure things out. It could go either way – so make sure that you know how much you want or need – and keep your usually over-generous nature in check. Mercury and Mars moving into your sign in early July bring renewed vigor, the strong possibility of a short trip, and favorable business transactions.

Virgo, there’s correspondence to take care of this month; check in on your siblings while you’re at it. There’s time to hang out with your neighbors and express your views at the local meet-up. This is a good month to care for the environment in which you work – consider a do-it-yourself project or two now that the recent pressure in your life is alleviating. Onward!

Libra, you’re focused on home and family this month even though you still feel work energies pulling you. There’s the sense that family is becoming a broader concern for you of late, and that your spiritual life is deepening. Stay focused on your inner compass while you avoid the fairy dust being blown into your eyes. Try to see the bigger picture if something enticing is offered to you.

Scorpio, if you’ve been waiting for your romantic life to take a turn for the better, July is your month! Wait until after the 4th, and then pursue your love with the grand gesture. If your passionate self is on hiatus right now, focus on the children in your life and on doing something that brings you unbridled joy. Life can be simple if you let go a little, right?

Sagittarius, being a subordinate does not come naturally to you. So you might feel a little uncomfortable during the last week of June when it seems as if increasingly mundane chores are your lot in life. Just get on with it. Use July fruitfully by scheduling your regular dental and medical checkups, and cleaning out obsolete paperwork. You want to be free, so lighten your load!

Capricorn, you’re spending more time than usual with your partner or business partner this month. If you’re single, there’s someone in your close environment pushing your buttons. While it may feel at times as if your decisions are being opposed, there’s not much you can do to change this energy right now. Sometimes less really is more, and we need to have some of our power taken away in order to see the lighter side of life. If something or someone feels like a stone around your neck, let it go, let it go… my prescription for you this July is a dose of laughter every day.

Aquarius, things are changing very quickly this month, so keep an open mind – something you aspire to do but surprisingly struggle with when the chips are down. The month starts off on an introspective note then, at the first quarter Moon on July 9, things lighten up and you feel ready for a party! Celebrate life in all its forms; you’ve looked death in the face long ago and know that life and death are two sides of the same coin.

Pisces, hooray, your travel plans are in the bag! This month sees you flying off to a sunny place and you couldn’t be happier. You’re asked by the stars to check all domestic arrangements carefully before you go – don’t leave anything to chance – and to double-check your itinerary. It also won’t harm you to take any prescribed travel medications to protect against water-born parasites and to drink only filtered water on vacation. Check everything off your list and bon voyage, you’re good to go!

Aries, emotions have been all over the place during June but from July 4 onward they settle down for you, and your work takes precedence. You’re more productive than usual at the office – so make the most of it while it lasts. You may even be able to get your way easily at work now, much to your surprise. The full Moon eclipse on July 16 is most likely a low-energy time for you so clear the decks in advance and plan a couple of chill days.

Taurus, your contemplative phase is not entirely over yet, however, this month sees you connecting with your closest friends – on your own terms. There’s also a strong possibility that you’re going on a retreat with your spiritual group. This kind of endeavor is favored this month – somewhere quiet yet supportive. If retreats are not your thing, then head out into nature. You need time to process the rapid changes that are upon you.

Gemini, you’re known for your constant communication and ability to keep in touch with everyone in your life. This month, however, with so much activity having taken place around your birthday, you’re looking forward to some quiet time. Avoid power struggles with your partner by channeling your dramatic opinions into helping others who really desire it. Don’t neglect your creative projects.

Family is the most important thing in the world.” –Princess Diana, Cancer

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