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Heaven Scent Oils: choose your energy. Copyright Catherine Goshen 2017

The best way to work with these oils is to begin with your Sun and your Moon sign (please email me at if you don’t have a copy of your chart or need help with your Moon sign). After this, you will want to move on to your Ascendant sign (rising sign), and then your Mercury, Venus and Mars signs.

There’s another way to choose a Heaven Scent Astrology roll-on oil. Choose the energy which you need to regulate or activate in your life right now:

Aries – Inner Warrior

Taurus – Inner Earth Goddess

Gemini – Inner Child

Cancer – Inner Nurturer

Leo – Inner Lover

Virgo – Inner Angel

Libra – Inner Diplomat

Scorpio – Inner Healer

Sagittarius – Inner Adventure

Capricorn – Inner Mover & Shaker

Aquarius – Inner Free Agent

Pisces – Inner Intuitive

Fire Trio of Heaven Scent oils. Copyright Catherine Goshen 2017

As every bottle is hand-made, each bottle is unique. While a recipe is followed, sometimes there are slight differences in quantities and the types of oils. For example, a roll-on might contain the essential oil Lavender Bulgarian this week but French Lavender the next, depending on availability. They are also made during different auspicious times of the Moon’s cycle. This is what makes them so special!