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New Moon in Aquarius

Welcome to Astrology Update!

To the many of you who have been feeling as if your lives were in limbo since January 21 – one step forward, two steps backward – things have started to pick up speed again! Make a commitment to put your plans into action now. Let the New Moon on Wednesday, February 18, symbolically mark your start. These plans will be helped along for the rest of the month as you’ll feel a renewed sense of active energy at your disposal.

For those of you born August 21 to 24, plan ahead please, as your reward cycle is coming up during your birth month this year! Live in tune and be prepared to ask for a raise, expand your home or business, or take your dream trip during this time. This cycle will be particularly powerful for those of you born in 1944, 1956, 1968, 1978-79 and 1991.

On a personal note, my recent trip to South Africa was flooded with rich impressions. I recall a warm summer’s evening standing on the roof garden of a skyscraper in Johannesburg. Looking up, the Moon, Saturn and the stars appeared closer than the ground below. Pulsating with light and life, their influence on us was palpable and needed no explanation.

May the Sun shine upon you,

Cape Town - My Home Mountain

Full Moon in Gemini

As the Moon waxes full in Gemini this first weekend of December (exact on Friday night in the Southern hemisphere and Saturday morning in the Northern), try to tune in to your own unconscious ambitions. What are you in the process of becoming? Has there been an obsessive dream that has followed you for years? Something which you might not yet have shared with anyone but hope will come to pass in the future? Allow this dream to bubble up to the surface and begin to take form over the next few weeks. Travel and study are hovering over you, and there is the cement to make this work if you’re willing to put the discipline in.

And for those of you born the 12th to the 15th of February, May, August and November, feel the expansion of that which is at the core of your being, and recognize abundance when you see it! Keep rooted while you reach for the stars.

Thank you for all your support during 2014… and wishing you an inspiring and joyous 2015!

May the Sun shine upon you,

Walk into 2015 with an Open Heart

“Let us lift up our eyes to the heavenly hills and see in the starry portents the promise of guidance and strength.
Let us answer the call of the heavens with joyous gestures. Let our reactions be inspired to bring from the depths within the nobility of our soul to impress its inherent greatness and beauty upon every passing word and deed.
Then our world will be filled with blessings and we shall be a blessing to the world.”
—Llewellyn George (1876-1954)

New Moon in Scorpio

The Sun enters the sign of Scorpio on Thursday, October 23, and the Moon begins a new cycle, allowing us to release anything burdensome we might have been carrying for the last few weeks. Set your goals clearly for the month ahead and use this seeding energy to refresh your own optimism. When you exude positivity, you’ve already cleared the path for something good to happen.

This New Moon is also a partial solar eclipse and Venus is changing signs once again. Those of you born October 21 to 24 may be directly affected, and feel your lives moving forward this week, helped along by the planet of communication turning direct on Saturday. We all need to stay focused during this time and not give way to small worries that come and go like the wind.

If correspondence overwhelms at the moment, allow yourself a conscious break. Communications will flow easier next week. And if social relations feel wobbly right now, know that you’re not being snubbed – or eclipsed – most likely it’s simply your own perception.

You might take a moment tonight to view the Moon and picture your place within the cosmos.

May the Sun shine upon you,

Creek by Catherine Goshen