June Monthly Forecast: All 12 Signs!

June Monthly Forecast: All 12 Signs! Dear friends, Welcome June! We move from a Full Moon in Sagittarius on June 3 to a New Moon in Gemini on June 18 – let’s feel the flow: Picture the beginning of the month as blossoming with expansive ideas and how to structure them. We are encouraged toContinue reading “June Monthly Forecast: All 12 Signs!”

May 2023: Astrology Monthly Forecast

May 2023: Astrology Monthly Forecast Dear friends, The month of May offers an opportunity for each of us to grow, as if from a bulb to a flower. The month begins with an eclipse in Scorpio, when hidden material such as subconscious longings or hidden motives may be revealed. As May progresses, a New MoonContinue reading “May 2023: Astrology Monthly Forecast”

April 2023: Courageous Living

April 2023: Courageous Living Dear friends, April is a time for courageous living – find your second wind and sail forth! Just make sure you know where you are going, and what your intention is! Since Mars and Mercury moved direct in mid-January, we’ve had a rare couple of months with all the planets inContinue reading “April 2023: Courageous Living”

March 2023: Mindful Beginnings

March 2023: Mindful Beginnings Dear friends, March is a time of mindful beginnings. Not only does the month herald the start of the astrological year but it is also when Saturn and Pluto shift gears. Why “mindful” beginnings? Awareness of the impending energy shifts enables you to consciously welcome in the changes, rather than beingContinue reading “March 2023: Mindful Beginnings”

February 2023: Keep on Movin’

February 2023: Keep on Movin’ Dear friends, While perusing the major astrological events of the year ahead, I notice that February has none! What does this mean? Let me assure you it does not mean that February will be dull or lifeless. I entitled this post Keep on Movin’ because January certainly saw the paceContinue reading “February 2023: Keep on Movin’”

Astrology 2023: What’s Cooking in the Cosmic Cauldron?

Astrology 2023: What’s Cooking in the Cosmic Cauldron? Dear Friends, Pour yourself a cheering drink and let’s welcome in the New Year with some astrological insight! I’ve focussed my January post on what I regard to be the main astrological event of the 2023: Pluto’s move into Aquarius. Pluto’s change of signs ushers in theContinue reading “Astrology 2023: What’s Cooking in the Cosmic Cauldron?”

December Forecast: Finding Your Joyful Truth

This newsletter is dedicated to Michele, Asher and Kish Dear Friends, December ushers in energies to assist us in finding our joyful truth. Will you partake? By the time that Jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius, re-enters into the fire sign of Aries on December 22, we have hopefully awakened to the many illusions that have beenContinue reading “December Forecast: Finding Your Joyful Truth”

November Forecast: Finding Your Elemental Balance

Scorpio Season:Finding Your Elemental Balance This newsletter is dedicated to Tiffany Dear Friends, I wonder how you all are and how you are coping with the ever-increasing demands of this new world which is struggling to be born. We are living through a slow, transformative period of deep and lasting change. As we slowly shiftContinue reading “November Forecast: Finding Your Elemental Balance”

October’s Moon Messages

Dear Friends, As the presence of electronic information and communication grows exponentially in our daily lives, I feel the need to write shorter posts. It is not more content that we need, but something else. We need substance and discernment. We need the courage to do less, to switch off our phones, and head toContinue reading “October’s Moon Messages”

September 2022: Astrology Check-in

“Virgo is represented by ‘the harvest time, the gleaming of the wheat and the fruits of the earth.’ The keyword: ‘I analyze’. Virgo rules the assimilative system in the physical body.” Isabel Hickey, ‘Astrology, A Cosmic Science’ Dear Friends, Do you feel the weather shifting since the Sun moved into Virgo on August 23? TheContinue reading “September 2022: Astrology Check-in”