I’m a life-long student of Astrology, passionate about learning, growing, and understanding what it’s all about. Since I was a child I’ve looked up in awe at the night sky and marveled how the Milky Way resembles our human DNA.

I hold a Level III Professional Diploma from the Rod Suskin School of Astrology and am a highest honors graduate of Noel Tyl’s rigorous Master’s Degree Certification Program for Professional Astrologers. I’m also a Certified Astrological Professional (CAP) by the International Society for Astrological Research (ISAR) and a trainer for their Consulting Skills program. My work embraces a mix of traditional and modern techniques, always situating my clients first.

I also hold a Bachelor of Arts Honors (first class) and a Higher Diploma in Education (awarded with distinction) from the University of Cape Town, South Africa. After working as a senior editor for Oxford University Press, I married and relocated to the United States. I was consulting editor on The Whirling Winds: Suffering and Transcendence in the Movement of Energy by Suzan Donleavy (published by the American Federation of Astrologers, 2013).

I’m a member of ISAR, AFAN (Association for Astrological Networking) and A.S.P (Astrological Society of Princeton, NJ) and lecture at the annual Empowered Astrology Conference. I write for Midheaven Magazine, teach online with Stormie Grace and have been hosted by the Washington State Astrological Association. My YouTube channel is ‘catherine goshen‘ where I share Astrological insights My greatest love is teaching, and I offer a two-year program called Cornerstone. Another extremely rewarding part of my work is being a mentor for AFAN’s successful Mentoring Program.

Growing up in a home where yoga was studied and taught by both my grandmother and mother, I was fortunate to be given a strong spiritual foundation in life. Now, as a wife and mother of two, I deeply appreciate the joys and challenges that young people and parents face daily in this world.

There is a continued search for meaning in my life, and a wish to understand why we are here. I find Astrology to be a powerful means to deepen this exploration.

Studying charts, and working with clients and students, is a daily reminder of the enormous scale and intricate design of Nature — the Greatness of it All.


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