April 2023: Courageous Living

April 2023: Courageous Living

Dear friends,

April is a time for courageous living – find your second wind and sail forth! Just make sure you know where you are going, and what your intention is!

Since Mars and Mercury moved direct in mid-January, we’ve had a rare couple of months with all the planets in forward motion. Much has been accomplished and there is still much to be done before Mercury turns retrograde on April 21. Onwards!

Week 1, April 3 – April 9:

We are building now towards Thursday’s Full Moon in Libra, the sign which seeks harmonious exchange through social interaction. The Full Moon is in opposition to the Sun in Aries, the sign signifying the energy of leadership and inspiration. With Jupiter in the mix, we need to take care not to over-do things. How do we find the balance between social harmony and the need to take charge?

We would certainly do well to listen more than speak, and to know when it is time to step back and let things take their course. With Mercury squaring Pluto this entire week, the intensity of trying to get one’s point across may know no bounds! Observe and watch. And take the lead when the time is just right.

Most importantly, take note of who you connect with during this entire week. The Aries-Libra Full Moon period always highlights relationships. Who supports you? Who wants the best for you? Who helps you to shine?

Here is the Full Moon chart set for New York:

Week 2, April 10 – April 16:

Venus enters Gemini on Wednesday this week, offering a soothing balm to relationships which may have had a challenging time since late October last year (when Mars turned retrograde in this area of the zodiac). Hug and make up, and decide to take things a little less seriously. Day trips, picnics and butterfly catching are now favored.

As this is the week before a solar eclipse, tradition advises us not to make any vital decisions at this time, as more information may come to light after the eclipse. Mercury is also slowing down and preparing to station retrograde, so this is not a favored time to sign important contracts. What is favored is slowing down ourselves and allowing more time to get from point A to point B.

Week 3, April 17 – April 23:

With joy we welcome in a second New Moon this year in the sign of Aries on April 20, giving us another opportunity to commit to the renewal practices we initiated on March 21 at the Equinox. When Aries energy is repeated in this way, we are being guided to pay attention to the areas of our life which demand honesty and courage.

This New Moon is also a solar eclipse, a planetary event which demands our respect. Make some time for quiet contemplation during the eclipse period (April 18 – 21). A good question we may all ask ourselves is, “What hides the true light of my Sun and prevents it from shining in the world?”

On April 21 the Sun enters Taurus – happy birthday dear Taurus readers! Mercury moves retrograde at this time (until May 15) so go with the flow! This is a wonderful time to see friends and catch up on social news.

Week 4, April 25 – April 30:

We end the month with a powerful stellium (grouping) of planets in the earth sign of Taurus: the Sun, Mercury and Uranus, as well as the North Node of the Moon. These planets receive a square aspect from Pluto in Aquarius, as Pluto prepares to move retrograde on May 1. Taurus and Aquarius are both fixed signs: we need to remind ourselves this week that there is a time to hold on and a time to let go.

Wishing you courageous living this April!

May the Sun shine upon you,

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