February 2023: Keep on Movin’

February 2023: Keep on Movin’

Dear friends,

While perusing the major astrological events of the year ahead, I notice that February has none! What does this mean? Let me assure you it does not mean that February will be dull or lifeless.

I entitled this post Keep on Movin’ because January certainly saw the pace of life pick up exponentially after the 10th – first Mars, then Mercury, and finally Uranus began moving direct, propelling us into a maelstrom of action. February continues this forwards momentum with all planets operating at their full powers, calling on us to manifest the ideas we’ve been meditating on since the end of October 2022.

The power of Mars – our ability to act – is very strong during this month. This is partly because Mars in Gemini is “out of bounds” (beyond the declination limits of the Sun) and its energy can manifest in a somewhat volatile manner. Take care as you move about your daily life, and think before you respond rashly to someone or something.

We are entering an important period now where things “come to a head” so to speak. From February 12th until March 23rd, Pluto will be at the very last degree of Capricorn – the 29th degree. The 29th degree of any sign is known as the ‘anaretic’ degree and it can be a time likened to the ending of a journey where we are tired yet must find the energy to continue on – in order that we may reach a new destination and set down new roots. These new roots will be Aquarius roots, as Pluto makes its transition in March. Focus on reaching your goals now, no matter what comes your way over the course of the next two months.

We have a regal Full Moon in Leo on February 5, which could bring a few surprises. This Full Moon is in close contact with Uranus, planet of unexpected changes. Uranus acts to shake up the status quo, so let’s see how this manifests both in your life and on the world’s stage as the Full Moon cycle unwinds. Those of you who have planets or angles in your natal charts between 14°-17° of fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius) will be most affected by the lunar energies. The Full Moon also indicates that a cycle in your life has recently come to fruition. As always, the mindful way to work with the Full Moon is to channel the energies inwards, rather than outwards.

Here is the Full Moon chart, set for New York:

There is much beauty and heartfelt love to be had this month with Venus in Pisces, a sign where she is most able to touch the sensitive places of our hearts. We will feel the shift on February 20th when she enters Aries and embodies the warrior goddess. At this time we will also celebrate the New Moon at 1° Pisces, an opportunity to draw close to ourselves once again and reflect on beginnings and endings. There is a time and a place for everything.

With the Sun also moving into Pisces at this time (February 19), we are approaching full circle since the spring equinox of 2022. What seeds do you wish to plant now – seeds that will blossom when we turn our face to the Sun?

Wishing you a loving and healthy February! May the Sun shine upon you,


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